Frequently Asked Questions

Have a question? Have a look through the Frequently Asked Questions below. We think we’ve covered it all, but if you have any further questions, please contact us or telephone 07738 167603

Yes, we will clean the windows of all sized houses, and commercial premises too. Contact us to ask about our prices for your sized house.

Yes, we we have full public liability insurance. All of our staff members are fully insured and trained

This is entirely up to you. Generally, most people have their windows cleaned every 1-2 months (roughly 6 weeks avg). Let us know how frequently you want them cleaning when we first start and we’ll make sure your details are logged in our calendar system.

Window cleaning is, by nature, dangerous. It causes up to 7 deaths per year, and a massive amount of serious accidents. Because of this, window cleaners must now comply with the Working at Heights Regulations 2005. This is why the UK’s leading professional companies tend to use the advanced water-fed poles.
Our poles are Hot-Water fed. This means that we can clean windows up to 70 ft from the ground. Not only is this safer but it often means we don’t need to use expensive “cherry-pickers” or scaffolding – a saving we can pass on to you!

Once we have cleaned your windows, if you are not around to pay we will pop a card through your door with the agreed quoted price. The ways to pay are on the back of the card. Alternatively, if we have agreed before-hand, we can pop back at a mutually beneficial time.
For commercial premises, we will invoice you, with the bill to be settled within the pre-arranged time-scales.

If you’ve been having your windows cleaned traditionally, then we will need to remove any soap build up which is present ont he glass from previous cleans. This is invisible to the naked eye, but as it’s a sticky residue, it can cause spotting or streaks if not removed properly.
Our hot-water clean will actually clean to a better standard than soap, leaving your windows cleaner for longer, as no sticky soap residue is present on the glass or frames.
If you have been getting the windows cleaned using the traditional method with soap, you will often see ‘spotting’ or streaks over the whole window following rain or showers. This is soap residue running down the windows!

Yes, we are very reliable. This is where most other window cleaners let themselves down. There’s little point being in business if you are unreliable! We will always clean your windows at the agreed frequency, except in extremely bad weather conditions.

Yes. We can safely reach all windows above conservatories, including most velux windows from the ground using our water-fed poles. We can also clean over obstacles such as pitched roofs making most windows accessible for cleaning. In fact, there aren’t many places water-fed poles can’t reach!

We will endeavour to give you a rough estimate over the phone after asking some information regarding your property, but we can only give you the actual price once we have seen the property in question.

Yes. If within 48 hours there are any problems with our workmanship, please call us and we will gladly rectify this free of charge.